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Default Re: Breaking News: Mike Woodson gone

Originally Posted by hawksdogsbraves
I will make an avatar bet with anyone that we win 50+ next year.

I have nothing against the Hawks, I just see their flaws, and realize that JJ was the glue that kept that team from coming apart. Bibby is done for, and was essentially splitting time at PG with Crawford this year. Crawford is a good scorer, but that's it. His chucking at the SG spot will lose you more games than it wins over the course of a season (as a starter). Josh Smith is a wild card, who knows what he's going to do. I'm guessing some trade demands are coming soon. Marvin is trash, and Horford is a good PF, who is forced to play C.

If they bring in a legit coach ($$$), they could be a playoff team next year... but not a top 4 seed. I don't see the owner spending money to bring in any bigtime free agents, and even the midlevel guys are going to cost a fortune this offseason with so many teams holding tons of capspace.

Hawks win 50 games next year?!

I'll take that bet.
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