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Default Re: Hawks officially say goodbye to Mike Woodson

Originally Posted by G-train
I've watched him for his whole career, I don't need to see him on a contending team. I have seen him play, I am an extensive witness to his abilities.

- Bad shot selection
- Bad defence
- Over dribbles
- Over shoots

Sure he is very talented and can provide good highlights. He is great at that, thus his cult following. But he aint a winning bball player. I'd prefer Dragic or Fisher.

Dragic or Fisher? Are you serious? Crawford has his flaws but he has revitalized his career since coming to the Hawks. He led the league in 4th quarter minutes for us and won a lopsided 6th man of the year race. I'm not sure why you bring up Crawford in talking about the Hawks' struggles, because he was great this season and good in the post season.

If you need someone to talk trash about on the Hawks make it Joe Johnson, 3rd team All-NBA who disappeared in the playoffs, or Mike Woodson, who clearly was the root of a lot of our problems.
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