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uhm. but what if a black person IS articulate? we just can't use the word?

why do black people take everything personally? you have to understand how clueless white people are. just think about that for a minute. white people are morons. they're trying, ok? give them points for effort.

I think my favorite thing is what I say "the black guy" to describe someone who is black amongst a sea of people who aren't black and someone gets offended. I just want to ****ing beat them to death. we can't even use descriptive adjectives anymore? I'm trying to refer to the one with the dark skin, that's the most unique thing about him, give me a damn break.

"the one who is six foot two, skinny, wearing the red shirt, no, the darker red shirt, um he's laughing right now, oop, no, now he's just smiling... with the "P" hat."
"god damnit, it's the only black guy within a hundred mile radius!"
"ohhhh..... wait a minute, black guy? you racist ****!"

I swear it happens like every week.
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