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its interesting to note that the 2 best teams in the nba have 1 player representing their team according to you. marion's effectiveness to the suns equals parker's/ginobili's to the spurs, or howard's to the mavs.


there are 13 players...but i doubt yao is going to be back in time, reducing it to 12.

top 4 teams have 2 players each in my biased opinion. if it was upto me, iverson should not be there (he might not be voted in by the coaches since he isnt an all-star in the WEST yet), and neither should mcgrady be there. but one of the 2 is going to be there. i would replace that spot with marion/paul/brand.

While I agree with your "biased opinion" that the top 4 teams should be equally represented, it will never happen so long as the voting public chooses the starters.

And I will eat my own balls if Josh Howard makes the All-Star team this year.
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