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Default Re: Adjustments Magic have to make?

Originally Posted by t-rex
Folks, this series is over.

I don't know if it will be a sweep. But there is no way the Magic can win 4 of 5 against these Celtics.

Boston won tonight with Ray Allen only scoring 4 points on 1-6 FG shooting.

Think about it.

The Magic and Celtics have played two games. Both in Orlando. The Celtics have had double digit leads in the second half of both games. In fact I could be wrong but I don't think the Magic have led by more than 2 points at any point of the first two games. That says a lot!

This series really has not been close.

Only way this will be a series if Orlando has more of one player having a great performance during a game.

Game 1: Carter and Nelson had a good but not great. Dwight was awful.
Game 2: Dwight was great. Nelson, Carter, Lewis...all sucked.
Gortat and Reddick have been a sparkplug off the bench bbut you can't win with two role players.

Boston had Pierce, Ray and Sheed offensively, and defensively had KG and KP for Game 1. Game 2 had Pierce and Rondo on the offense with some extra scoring from Perkins and Davis too. Garnett has been pretty bad offensively both games but still great on the D.

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