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Default Re: Mock draft game (vote for each pick)

Originally Posted by plowking
Kinda off topic, but can someone explain to me why Wes Johnson is rated so much better than Damion James and Paul George?
I haven't seen a day of Paul George, but I've seen plenty of James. And the big difference is polish. Damion James looks clueless at times, doesn't understand game situations, tries to force the issue when there's no need to...he really doesn't have an understanding of how to play. If you watch him and no one tells you he's a senior your reaction is "wow this kid will be good in a couple years" then upon hearing his age you say "what? and he's playing like this?". Wesley is much more advanced in his bball IQ. James gets by way too much on his athleticism. Wesley really did look like a guy who was much more advanced in the understanding of the game than the other players on the floor. Wesley also has an ability to create his own shot much more easily than James. I'd expect James to ride the bench for a long time. Wes will be a 23 year old rookie making rookie mistakes. Damion will be a 23 year old rookie making 19 year old mistakes.

Now George...he's kind of a mystery guy.
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