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Default Re: Mock draft game (vote for each pick)

Paul George could have the most upside out of the three. He's only 20, while the other two are 22 or 23. Which means James and Johnson are already close to their physical peaks and performance ceilings (once they get some experience in the league).

I really wasn't even aware of who Paul George was until I heard he declared for the draft. James is very solidly built (6'8" 225), and out of the three, is the most capable of mixing things up in the paint. He's so inconsistent though. I've probably watched close to 20 Texas games the last 3 or 4 years, and there were some games where James just blew me away with an incredibly dominating all-around game. There were others where you barely knew he was on the floor. I would understand that more if I had only seen him play 4 or 5 times, but seeing him 20ish times, I'd say he had what you could classify as good to great games 12-15 times and the rest he just blended in way too much.

I don't remember Wesley Johnson at Iowa, at all. To me, he broke onto the scene out of nowhere this year. He just seems to have much more savvy, confidence, a little swagger, and a better IQ than James. I could see him being a Joe Johnson type player. Someone who quietly impacts games in 3 or 4 areas. He could step in and be close to a 20/5/5 guy as a rookie, but he may never be more than a 24/6/6 guy-the latter is still really good, but I don't htink you are going to see huge leaps and bounds of improvement during his career.
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