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Default Re: Mock draft game (vote for each pick)

Originally Posted by Posterize246

I'm leaving this one open for the night and maybe some tomorrow. See if anyone votes for Cousins, more votes for Favors, and plus I'd like to see the OG of the Sixers forum artificial in on the vote. I sent him a PM.
Got it, and appreciate it

First things first: my pick for Philly is Evan Turner.

I was really frustrated because it was looking like we were going to draft in the 4~10 range, and the likely candidates at those positions are all SF/PF/C's. Coming into this draft, I saw SG as Sixers' biggest need, and therefore my frustration. I literally went for a drink when I found out about the #2 pick. In a way Turner was the player I wanted most in this draft -not saying I'd take him over Wall, but I simply thought of him as a better fit-.

Sixers have SF/PF positions filled with Iggy, Brand, Young, Speights. Smith and Dalembert aren't exactly locks at C, but it does make the C a non-top priority for next season.

Iguodala made it clear this season that he is not a SG. Starting him and Young didn't go as well as I envisioned. So start Iggy at SF and bring off Young from the bench -he is a nice comodity given he can play both forward positions for stretches-. Jrue won't be an all-star PG any time soon, but as GOBB mentioned he gets the job done, plus the keyword with him was "potential" and he is coming off nicely.

Just to add perspective, a concern with Turner would be if he -as Iggy- is more comfortable at SF rather than at SG. That would create a horrible logjam in the forward positions. One of Turner's biggest strengths is his rebounding (for a wing). Besides, his 3-point shot isn't something to brag about at this point.

However, if Turner's ability to create his own shot succesfully translates to the NBA level, I think Iggy will complement him very nicely. And a Jrue - Turner backcourt should be great on the defensive end, plus Evan is a nice ball handler. His overall skill level is great, making me optimistic about him playing SG.

Damn, I've already said this a few times since yesterday, but it's been a while since being a 76er fan felt this good.
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