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Default Re: Mock draft game (vote for each pick)

This is where we're going to see some variation in picks. New Jersey could go so many different ways with this pick. Cousins, Aminu, Monroe, Johnson, wouldn't shock me to see them pick any of these.

From what I can see, NJ's biggest assets moving forward are Brook Lopez, Terrence Williams, Courtney Lee, and CDR. Those are the guys I see them building their core around. Devin Harris should be used as a trading piece if you can get something good for him. And with that the Nets will go back to the Big East and select Greg Monroe, Georgetown University. There isn't a better passing big man in this draft, not even close. And a high-low offense with Monroe and Lopez would be ideal. New Jersey was dead last in the NBA in assists per game last season. Greg Monroe is someone who can get that ball moving more swiftly, hit cutters to the bucket for easy points, and score 10-12 of his own as a rookie. My major downside with picking Favors or Cousins is you're going to have to camp their ass down by the bucket, while Monroe can play in both the high and low post and give more room for cutters and for Lopez.
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