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Default Re: Mock draft game (vote for each pick)

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Is that the pick you want or the pick you think they would do? Remember to base decisions purely off of what you think they should do. If that's Favors then I'll mark it down.

Fair enough, it'll be Favors anyway. As much as I think Demarcus will end up the better player, I think it's better for us to get back into a running game like we did in the early 2000s. Favors is better for that and doesn't come with the baggage that Demarcus has.

As much as I'd like to see Monroe a Net, it's way too much of a reach. His jump between freshman to sophomore year was not impressive and my initial projections of him becoming an elite level big seriously died down. Besides we already have one finesse big (Brook) and I think it's about time we added power and a guy willing to crash the boards.
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