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Do you guys think that Thomas's recent "injuries," as well as refusing to work out for certain teams will turn off potential teams in the lottery? This could be a sign of things to come if he and his agents continue to try to manipulate the system (if that is in fact what is going on). Also there is word that he is telling teams that he has recieved a top 3 guarantee, which would be moronic for any team to do, as usually teams make guarantees in the 2nd half of the 1st round.

I personally like his game, work ethic, and upside. I would like the Bulls to go big with the first pick. I was high on Aldridge before, but I am afraid he is too weak for the center spot. I trust Pax will make the right decision b/w him and Tyrus. Brandon Roy would be a safe pick at #2, but NBA. As for the #16, I agree with many other posters that Ronnie Brewer falling to us would be the best possible scenario.
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