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Default Re: What's the All-Divison Team for each division?

Originally Posted by KG215
AFC South

QB: Payton Manning
FB: Ahmard Hall
RB: Chris Johnson
RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
WR: Andre Johnson
WR: Reggie Wayne
TE: Dallas Clark
LT: Michael Roos
LG: Ryan Lilja
C: Jeff Saturday
RG: Jake Scott
RT: Jeff Stewart

DE: Mario Williams
DE: Dwight Freeney
DT: Antonio Johnson
DT: Tony Brown
OLB: Brian Cushing
MLB: DeMeco Ryans
OLB: Clint Sessions
CB: Cortland Finnegan
CB: Jerraud Powrs
FS: Antoine Bethea
SS: Bernard Pollard

That offense would have to be the best of the 8 divisions. It would be hands down if the offensive line wasn't so weak for an All-Division O-line. Still, you've got arguably the best QB in the league, either the best or second best RB, another otp 5 RB, a top 5 and top 10 WR, and a top 3-5 TE.

I mostly did this based on last season and future potential instead of the All-Pro vets who have been on the decline.

Yeah the AFC South offensive team is stupid. You could even throw Schaub in there instead of Manning and they would still have the best offense out of all the divisions.
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