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Default Re: What's the All-Divison Team for each division?

Originally Posted by IlliniFan
You guys have to realize there is no bigger homer on this site than primetime. If the player comes from Oklahoma or plays for the Cowboys, Prime will hype them to no end.
I might be the biggest homer here, and yes I love to hype up my dudes...but I am still always correct on the dudes taht I hype...

do you read me sayig that Newman is the best CB in the NFL?...nope he is like top 15, maybe top 10

Jenkins will make a run for top 5 elite this coming year though...BOOK IT

DeMarcoi Murray, if healthy all year, will be the no worse than a top 3 RB...but I bet he wll be considered #1...Heisman hype along with it

FACT: Sam Bradford is going to be a star in the future

I can go on and on...hyping my dudes...being a "homer"...BUT I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!
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