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Default Re: What are you reading?

Originally Posted by ZeN
Have you read the bible? I mean that seriously.. because even if you dont 'believe' it still holds basic concepts and illustrations that help affirm a positive human condition.. Plus the poetic expressions of Psalms are freakin' stellar.. and the dark and despondent imagery in the book of Revelation are delectable to the depressive soul. And if you are seeking simple practical advise then read the book of Proverbs.. it gives basic principles that will aid you to be a better person. Even if you are not religious.. the content is still potent knowledge.
Only the childrens bible

I only have a little pocket bible at my house, I could read it but it was my grandfathers so it's old and also one of the few things he left my dad, so I don't want to touch it in fear of ruining it.
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