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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption discussion

Damn $5,000 in bounty money. Why didnt you guys try and escape? My highest is $2,150. Held down a house with only 2 exits. Camped up 2nd floor, but gotta be careful from 2nd floor windows. Sheriffs on perimeter be shooting the house up. Get hit. So pissed I came close again. Only 2mins away from me needing to escape and this dbag again stalks me and kills from behind.

I completed all the hideouts which was fun. Had a 3 man posse. Then we messed it up for someone else. Brought it on themselves when they killed our horses from afar.

Originally Posted by Undisputed

There's a list of the animals. I haven't gone through it, but I know there's about 30(or a bit over) species. Getting jumped by the cougars is no fun. Those b*tches are tough.

Damn thats alot of stuff
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