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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption discussion

I'm like 8 hours in and I still haven't really done anything. I've opened the third guy of the story missions, his name's West something, he's a W on the map. I've finished Bonnie McFarlane, and the Armadillo Sherriff (or at least brought them to a breaking point). But I've done a ton of stranger missions, Water and Honesty, American Appetites, California, the one with the old married lady, and a few others.
And I'm still obsessed with the achievement stuff. I'm at like level five Hunter and Sharpshooter, and four with the herbs. I've done a ton of bounty posters. Found four treasure maps, which are really hard with just the pictures. And done countless Blue Dot friend pop up missions. And I'm still not bored with any of it. The side stuff became tedious and boring in GTA, but in this, I almost don't want to get into the mission stuff because I'm afraid I won't want to get back into this stuff.

I've gone out of my way to win a poker tourney in each town, and a round of horseshoes. That stuff yields clothing scraps. And I just noticed that the clothing breakdown tells you were to search for scraps, so now I find myself hunting down scraps. There's a great scavenger aspect to this thing that I love.
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