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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption discussion

So I was reading this on Friday and was like dam I need to get this game. 1) I loved the GTA series (got a little burnt on them by IV) 2) I love westerns and old west $hit. So I figured this game would be right in my wheelhouse and it is. What a fun game, one of\ if not the best game Iíve played in some time.

Some people were on here saying Iíve been playing for hours and havenít really done anything. Being that Iíve played GTA I kind of knew what they were saying but was like really hours? (They have to be exaggerating) But no I totally get it I played a few hours this weekend and accomplished nothing in terms of missions (still donít even have the lasso) but had a blast just running around hunting playing poker and saving people from packs of coyotes. Canít believe how big the map is and how many different types of animals Iíve ran into.
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