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Default Re: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Originally Posted by SayTownRy
played this for several hours yesterday and it's the best game i've played all year. prolly game of the year for me.

when i first started playing, i thought this is gonna be too similar to the last one - i'm not getting that feeling of something new and groundbreaking like i did with smg... but as i played through just the first 2 or 3 levels i realized that they've improved on their formula, added difficulty, and kept everything that made the last game so much fun.

the level design is just so good. that's what made the first one for me, but they've really done an amazing job with this one. i'm just getting into the 3rd world and i already have 5 or 6 levels i've had to play over and over again due to the immense fun factor.

the galaxy series = GOAT level design if you love platformers. nothing really compares.

im a few hours in and i like it a lot better. i thought the level design in the first one was ehh.. a lot of the early levels were boring and i just didnt feel like playing through it. This one, its harder but more fun at the same time. This one doesn't hold your hand, some of the timing required is much more remincisent of the old games.

BTW, people saying Super Mario Bros (the wii one) was easy, even the 7th and 8th worlds? Some of those boards required sick timing, especially with a few people.
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