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Originally Posted by TMacsOneGoodEye

The American Indians weren't the first people to settle in N. America, after all...

We live in a modern society with set laws and defined borders. Other governements agree to recognize these national borders, and any breach of that is a violation of our laws.

Illegals are not citizens of this country, but despite that fact, have the option of becoming citizens by taking a pledge and signing a few papers. They have a clear alternative to crossing the border illegally.

Yeah, there were people here before modern Indians. I think I read somewhere where people migrated in waves.

This meant the first people to live here, like the Anasazi and Mound builders, would have been pushed out by later waves of immigrants.

You'd also have to keep in mind that the territories on Native North American tribes were also not fixed. There were battles and raids, with some of the bigger empires in South America being particularly bad.

The US has power over its borders. This is the situation we find ourselves in today. We, along with the vast majority of civilized nations, recognize these borders to be legitimate, and so they are.
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