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Originally Posted by JerrySteakhouse
I messed up my ankle too. Happened a couple of weeks ago, really hoping it heals quick since i got a ball tourney comimng up 3-4 weeks. Going to be a coming out party, haven't played a organized game for couple years but im not gonna dissappoint, gonna give it my all.

R.I.C.E. is helpful but man it doesn't do it all for you. I've messed up my ankles many times and the best thing to do is some physio to be honest. Worst case atleast just use those resistant bands to help strengthen your ankle and help gain some motion.

Also, the low cut thing does matter, i've played ball with low cuts and rolled on it and i fractured it and tore ligaments. When i don't wear low cuts and roll my ankle it isnt as bad but either way you cant prevent the injury.

All due respect, there is research that shows wearing high tops, especially all the time may actually weaken the ankle by reducing muscle activation and allowing the shoe to do the work instead of the muscles.

A fracture is almost always better than a sprain in terms of healing, why? Because one is forced to actually let it heal instead of continuing to play through a sprain.
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