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Default Re: What's the All-Divison Team for each division?

oh god, Rodgers has only played TWO SEASONS!!!

it shouldn't suprise ANYONE if Romo has a better year this season...

it also shouldn't suprise anyone if Romo has the better career in general...

here check this out:

Rank Quarterback Passer Rating
1 Steve Young 96.8
2 Philip Rivers 95.8
3 Tony Romo 95.6
4 Peyton Manning 95.2
5 Kurt Warner 93.7
6 Tom Brady 93.3
7 Joe Montana 92.3
8 Drew Brees 91.9
9 Ben Roethlisberger 91.7
10 Chad Pennington 90.1

and before you go on a little rant about how passer rating is overrated, take a look at the names on that list...

Rodgers has only played 2 seasons, so he is not eligable yet, and would be on the list too, but lets not pretend that the there is an actual "gap" here to where Rodgers is so much better it is just flat out lop sided...
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