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Default Re: What's the All-Divison Team for each division?

Originally Posted by Posterize246
You act like Ronnie Brown is old. Because Felix is 23 and Brown is 28 that adds to the argument of who is better now? Do you not know how stupid that sounds? The argument isn't over who you would rather have on your team where you could say "well I'd rather have Felix because Ronnie will be pretty much done in 3 years". It has nothing to do with who is the better player. Anyway the thread isn't even discussing the original topic anymore so I'm done with it.

And for the record I would have voted Felix.
you would have voted correctly...cuz Felix is better "NOW"...


when there isn't a clear cut winner it is always just a matter of opinion...I can just promise you though if it was Romo on the Packers and Rodgers here in Dallas...the poll would be much closer to 50/50...or even a lop sided win for Romo...with Cowboy haters talking about how Rodgers hasn't won shit yet...
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