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Default Re: K. Mart (what's happening with him) ?

Originally Posted by el gringos
How could anyone following the nuggets for more than a season or 2 not see how crippling kmarts contract has been on the franchise? No team has given more and brought in less- all to save money, and it was the biggest contract on the books killing it by being the teams 5th or so best player- have you not noticed that its been since who earl watson that the nugs have signed an above min-wage player?
Okafor and posey? Are you thinking at all about the pieces the team already has? Biedrins + radmonovic would be much better for nugs than okafor/posey- or are you saying you'd rather see okafor bricking 15 footers than kenyon- but altleast hed still make sure there was always a double or triple team coming at carmelo or nene- and okafor is not as good as some of you must think and isn't big enough to defend centers
Kenyon HAS TO BE TRADED- great players won't come back and the nugs would have to add things to the trade, but some value and a lot better balance to the roster could be had
Besides spencer hawes being a great fit with carmelo and nene and making them both better. the reason I think beno udrih and nocione would be great value out of kmart are they both have contracts that expire along with billups, nene, and carmelo - and if the deal was kmart + lawson + balkman for hawes + beno + nocioni + d green it would save money now (maybe allow the team to go after a mle type free agent- would also give a gaurd to be the playmaker of the 2nd unit and not have to use jr for that anymore
1) Okafor >>> Biedrins and Vlad-Rad

Biedrins can't finsish outside 2 feet nor defend and is the worst FT shooter in the league. And I'm not a huge fan of Vlad-Rad (look at his %'s).

2) Why do you want a jump shooting C/PF?
Look at the Lakers and Celtics:
PF: Tall post up players who can hit the mid range jumper (Gasol and Garnett)
C: A banger who can defend, rebound, block shots and put the ball in the basket (Bynum and Perkins)

Put Nene or Bosh at PF and you have the post up player who can hit the mid range jumper and put Okafor at center and get the banger down low every championship team needs.

You don't need a jumpshooting big unless you have Dwight Howard down there and we don't.

3) Trading Lawson would be the biggest mistake ever. I know you have hated him from day one, but the boy is gonna be huge for this team.
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