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Default Re: What do you do w/ overly aggressive defender?

Over aggressive defenders are the easiest to beat. Any fake will almost always get them and if not they are so close that you can just blow right by them. Usually overly aggressive defenders aren't very good defenders anyway... they just try to intimidate you by being up in your face.

Most people don't know that they can't put their hands on you while playing D... you can stick a forearm out, but you can't put a hand on them like that so you had every right to slap it away

As for the moving screens... yea it's annoying. Somebody got on me once for not guarding my guy when this one fat dude was just setting moving screens all over the place... he told me to call it then, and I was like, dude I'm not calling that lmao. You just have to tell the dude he is moving and you can't do that... some listen and some don't. That's life in pick up games
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