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Originally Posted by Timmeh
??? Learn what you talk about before you blurt retarded stuff like that out.

First, the South isn't full of redneck hillbilly white people. Hell, most of the white people that live in the south now are at least middle class families. The Mexicans are the hillbilly trash that's taking over.

Second, the Republican party is more catered to the middle to upper class. That's why the Democrats call themselves the party for the common person.

Now, as for Bush, probably the only reason he got elected twice was because he was the lesser of two evils.

Look at Al Gore. Would you really want somebody running your nation who's more concerned with involving the entire world with his unproven global warming theory? If he had been in office instead of Bush he undoubtedly would have formed a UN-like panel for global warming and it would flop like the League of Nations did.

Now, John Kerry. I think it's obvious that the guy didn't deserve to really be president. He was just a moron.

Now, if Bush was running against Hillary Clinton or John Edwards, then Bush would be trampeled.

That is wrong by the way. The Democrats cater to the upper class just as much as the Republicans. Republicans are mostly the party of the middle class right now. Don't believe me, look at all the super-wealthy in Hollywood, who they do support? Big real estate companies/land developers? Not Republicans.

Look at pictures of these people in Washington DC. They all sit around having lunch together, Republicans...Democrats, whats the difference. Democrats took over Congress and not a damn thing will change. 4 of the wealthiest senators in Congress are Democrats, they have several special interests that they specifically cater to, including Boeing, various military-industry corporations, the NEA, and so on.

These parties all cater to massively financed special interests and lobbies. There is no choice, because eitherway, the average person gets screwed. Social Security needs work, and the only way the Democrats can fix it is by jacking up taxes, which they fully intend to do on Social Security.

The Republicans have lost their conservative roots and now give into their social control leaders, which has been a disaster. There is no choice, different faces, same people, nothing is being done about illegal immigration, nothing is being done about the head-on-explosion of Baby Boomers and medical care, and the list goes on.

There is no conservative party in this country, there is no true liberal party in this nation. Instead, we have a neoconservative bloc that is braindead when it comes to foreign policy and a authoritarian nanny party that wants to convince you that the state knows best what is for you.

Be smart, vote Libertarian. Don't believe me yet, come back in a year and tell me what amazing improvements the Democrats have made while holding Congress. Don't hold your breath though.
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