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Default Re: K. Mart (what's happening with him) ?

Originally Posted by kurple
1) Okafor >>> Biedrins and Vlad-Rad

Biedrins can't finsish outside 2 feet nor defend and is the worst FT shooter in the league. And I'm not a huge fan of Vlad-Rad (look at his %'s).

2) Why do you want a jump shooting C/PF?
Look at the Lakers and Celtics:
PF: Tall post up players who can hit the mid range jumper (Gasol and Garnett)
C: A banger who can defend, rebound, block shots and put the ball in the basket (Bynum and Perkins)

Put Nene or Bosh at PF and you have the post up player who can hit the mid range jumper and put Okafor at center and get the banger down low every championship team needs.

You don't need a jumpshooting big unless you have Dwight Howard down there and we don't.

3) Trading Lawson would be the biggest mistake ever. I know you have hated him from day one, but the boy is gonna be huge for this team.

agree on everything you said... the team needs a big guy like Perkins or Bynum to move Nene to PF (or get Bosh)... and at least Okafor is a good defender... Jump shooting bigs are way over-rated, they tend to be soft and bad defenders... also Lawson could end up being the face of our franchise... and gringos you hate LAwson...idk why, but you always to want to trade him
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