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Default Re: What do you do w/ overly aggressive defender?

Well to answer that particular question, normally no I will not try to clown someone, but about 3 months I was playing 2 on 2 and this guy had been guarding my friend the whole game and was being real aggressive the whole time... I could tell he was a total joke on D tho. Game point came around and he got right up on me bodying me up and everything... I start to dribble and of course he tries to steal it so I dribble back and then go through his legs, take it to the rack, and get an and 1 to win the game.

Yea it's just the old through the legs, but it was the first time I had done it for a while and this guy deserved it. I guess you could say I made him act a fool

I'd of loved to give him a little hypnotizer or something really legit... but I don't know how to do any of that stuff. I'd much rather try to embarrass someone with good fundamentals anyway... but I'm not out there looking to embarrass people, I just want to work on my game and have fun.
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