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Default Re: CBS Sports: Most overrated and underrated on each team

I don't like some of these...

Gurode is overrated?...unless you are a hardcore fan you don't know who Gurode is...and Gurode is AWESOME ANYWAY!!!...he struggld at times?...when???

what they said about Asante might be true...he can get burned every now and then, he is a gambler who can't tackle well. However, he is still a complete BADASS. Of all the Eagles he is the only one I like a little, and he is the only one that scares me...I don't want Romo throwin toward that dude, he might take it to the house.

alot of names on there for overrateds that are not highly rated names.

overrated: Duane Brown


never knew Brown was thought of as a super stud until now...

Darren McFadden IS overrated though...there are many times a stuf RB can put up huge numbers on a shitty team. If he doesn't do something this year, mcFadden needs to be labeled a BUST.
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