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Default Re: Post your video's here

New one:

Wasn't feeling particularly well, had some muscle aches in my shins and I've pulled my groin a little... But it was a nice day and I just felt like I needed to shoot some hoops. You guys know the feeling. I realized I need a new ball for outside play though, this one is becoming superslippery, the fact that I trained with the womens squad on Thursday and had to readjust from a WBNA ball didn't help much either. But I had a nice work-out, worked up a little sweat. My range is becoming quite a bit better and so is my lift/speed on release in my opinion. Really need to work on my handles more, they've been abandoning me lately for no apparent reason.

Edit: After watching myself back I can see a problem with my jumper, I don't always finish it properly. Either not following through at all or not following through completely. Need to work more on having a consistent form... I've never had a proper shooting coach before this year so I've been improving lots but there's still much to work on. Just 22 so lots of room to improve.

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