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Default Re: K. Mart (what's happening with him) ?

I understand your fondness towards big men who can shoot and spread the floor, but I could give a damn about outside shooting unless a big man is capable of rebounding and playing defense. Rasheed Wallace would be a good player for this team, despite how he played in the regular season. I don't see how you can think that Bargnani over KMart would make us a better team. Sure, he spreads the floor on offense and makes it a bit easier for Melo to score. He doesn't rebound half as well as KMart and is among the worst defensive big men in the league. Our defense gets sh*ttier and our rebounding gets sh*ttier. Both of those aspects are what elite teams focus on. The negatives outweight the positives.

We can make it easier for Melo simply by surrounding him with another scoring option. Nene and JR are too inconsistent and were nonexistent in the postseason. CB would do better as a third option than as a second option for the team. Some other consistent scoring option that operated from the post would allow Melo to score by taking the pressure off of him and letting him play off the ball. Melo is one of the best players in the league at creating easy scoring opportunities for himself without the ball. It's how he was able to lead Team USA is scoring as often as he did without being a dominating ball handler like James, Wade, and Kobe.
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