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Default Re: Post your video's here

Originally Posted by Sticks
New one:

Wasn't feeling particularly well, had some muscle aches in my shins and I've pulled my groin a little... But it was a nice day and I just felt like I needed to shoot some hoops. You guys know the feeling. I realized I need a new ball for outside play though, this one is becoming superslippery, the fact that I trained with the womens squad on Thursday and had to readjust from a WBNA ball didn't help much either. But I had a nice work-out, worked up a little sweat. My range is becoming quite a bit better and so is my lift/speed on release in my opinion. Really need to work on my handles more, they've been abandoning me lately for no apparent reason.

Edit: After watching myself back I can see a problem with my jumper, I don't always finish it properly. Either not following through at all or not following through completely. Need to work more on having a consistent form... I've never had a proper shooting coach before this year so I've been improving lots but there's still much to work on. Just 22 so lots of room to improve.

don't be the guy that makes excuses, just lace them up and ball as hard as you can. Your shot has gotten a lot better since your first video.
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