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Default Re: K. Mart (what's happening with him) ?

Originally Posted by el gringos
you think its video game basketball where you just add up the overall individual rankings to get your team
That is the exact opposite of what I believe

I didn't like the Ariza-Artest swap for the Lakers
I didn't like the Hedo-VC swap for the Magic
I didn't think Jamison would make the Cavs much better

I'm all about building a team with some solid scorers and great roleplayers ala Arron Afflalo.

You talk about spreading the floor for Melo. We have Billups and Afflalo, maybe the best 3p shooting backcourt in the league. Does Pirece have more shooters on the floor? Does Kobe?

I agree with Bundo, you need defense and rebounding to win. You need a banger to defend and rebound down low to win (Look at the Lakers and Celtics) unless you have Dwight on your team, and Nene is neither Dwight nor Perkins.

Then add a solid mid-range shooter at PF who is big and can create miss-match problems, and Nene CAN be that guy!
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