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Originally Posted by Timmeh
When I saw this article I was going to make a different post about this, but after reading the article I'm going to make two points to it.

1. Even thought the book of Job is more in the middle of the Old Testament, it's one of the more older books in the Bible, probably written during the time of the early periods of time. We believe that Genesis and these books were written around 4000 B.C. Now, there are a lot of speculations of how the dinosaurs became extinct. Yes they walked with humans. Did they attack humans? It's more than likely. Were the dinosaurs on Noah's ark? Yes. This is where you get into the canopy theory and greenhouse stuff. Before the flood the earth was like a greenhouse. This is how people were living to be 900 years old. After the flood, the atmosphere was left somewhat depleted. The temperatures rose, living conditions on earth worsened, and the dinosaurs couldn't survive the atmospherical changes.

2. Are there dinosaurs living today? Yes. They aren't as prominent as you would think, but alligators, crocodiles, and kimodo dragons are good examples of dinosaurs living today. There is also the speculation of the Plesiosaur (Loch Ness Monster, Lake Champlagne Monster) still on earth today.


Noah's Ark?!?!?!?! Dinosaurs are still alive?!?!?!?!?!

I guess Noah also had Polar Bears in his Arc, and they caught a flight on back of an American Eagle to make their travel to the Arctic easier,

And the Kangaroo leaped trough mountains and oceans to reach Australia.

I guess we should also ignore the fact that Dinosaurs share more DNA with Birds because
Dinosaurs are still around as Reptiles!

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