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Default Re: Shoulder Injuries

Originally Posted by yellownpurple
Does anyone here play with a reoccurring shoulder problem? Like a shoulder that dislocates really, really easily? If any of you guys do, or had this problem before, I was wondering how you dealt with it.

Sometimes when I stick my arm out to try to deflect a ball or even reach for a steal, it would pop out and back in right a way. I've probably dislocated my shoulder about 15x in my life.

Would buying a shoulder sleeve even help at all to minimize the range of motion my shoulder has?

Damn man 15 times??... I dislocated my right shoulder last September, it hurt like hell at first. I was given the option to do surgery on it but I decied to take my chances (doc said it was 60-80 % chance itll happen again). Till this day I haven't dislocated it again, but i'm not doing the same things I use to. I rarely drive in because of the fear of it happening again and my shoulder definitely does NOT feel the same. I just had some physio for my shoulder and i'm still lifting light weights to try to help the issue out. Apparently I dislocated it pretty bad (full dislocation and really ****ed up the tissues around).

Anyways, there were two options for me, surgery or rehab. So if you really considering on having surgery you gotta talk to a doc and figure it out.

I was wondering if a shoulder sleeve would help too... If anyone knows if there actually useful or if where I can get one that'll help me aswell.
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