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Default Is Elton Brand that bad?

Ok, so hear me out.

I know that Elton Brand SUCKED last year, badly. I know that his contract is a monster and that after years of inflexibility and bad contracts the last thing the Bucks want is to make that mistake again. But...

If the Sixers are REALLY offering the number 2 pick to take Brand's contract, should the Bucks look into it? I mean, if you have the chance to match up Jennings with another star potential player, what is that worth?

Here is how I look at it. If the Bucks can make a trade, preferably something like Redd for Brand + #2 + something to make the money work. Redd is useless for next year so we are replacing a useless Redd for a vastly overpayed Brand. Next, factor in the chance of a lockout for a season and that takes another year off. That leaves 2 years of inflexibility due to Brand but you now have a developing duo of Jennings and Turner. By the time Brand expires it will be time to pay Jennings/ Turner.

I think I'd do it. In the Eastern conference with a good coach I'd have to hope that maybe just maybe Brand can have a slight come back and at the very least be a serviceable big. I don't like taking minutes from Ilyasova because I love his heart/hustle but he can also play some 3 and Skiles seems to hate on him anyway.

Fellow Bucks fans, how would you feel? Do you think it would take just taking on Brand to get the 2 or would we have to swap our 1st round pick also? That would make me a little less interested, maybe throw in a future 1st when hopefully the Bucks are a perennial playoff team out East.

If nothing else it's something to think about, eh?
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