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Default What do you want to do on the court?

I'm interested in what people like to do on the court in games. Which role you like to play in games, what position, what's your style and things like that.

Personally I'm a wing-player all the way. I can't really battle in the post due to a lack of bulk and I have a hard time putting on weight and I'm not really sure wether I want to either. I'm a jump-shooter first and foremost, I can finish inside and can take the contact of inside play I just think the jumpshot is a beautifull move and I like to perfect it and use it a lot. I like playing from the triple threat because I have nice court-vision and can deliver on-point passes pretty well.

Mostly though I'm a scorer, I don't set up plays and I don't handle the ball a lot. I'm called on to score and I like to fill that role to the best of my abillity.

Other than scoring I love hustling, I dive for loose balls, I will go into the stands, I will chase down fast-breaks both offensively for the possible missed lay-up or defensively for a chase down-block. I'm a hard-nosed down and dirty defender and I'm not affraid to body up, hand-check from time to time and I will try to get under your skin. If you get angry I got you out of your game and I love it. I love to rebound as well, an offensive putback is one of my favourite ways to score and defensively I love to secure that ball and quickly look for the break or the outlet. It's part of finishing the defensive stand in my eyes.

TLDR: I love to shoot, defend and rebound. What's your game?
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