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Default Re: What do you want to do on the court?

My offensive game varies but my defensive one stays the same. I always play safe defense and usually try to guard the other teams best player that I can match up with. On offense, I can go from passive role player to first option, which is usually not what I like. I like to be the second option, preferably behind another guard who can advance the ball in case of traps.

I think I'm pretty well rounded, especially when I'm feeling my shot. I can play both safe and aggressive defense, can get some boards and an occasional block. When the shots good that's open and my slashings not bad.

My goal, however, is to become some kind of hybrid Brandon Roy/Monta Ellis who passes first. The midrange is where I love to shoot it, even when I don't feel it because it's where I'm most comfortable. So unselfish and balanced is where I want to be.
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