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Default Re: Playing with instincts

Originally Posted by scm5
I'm talking about shots I create for myself mostly. If I get an open shot, I'm probably going to shoot it unless I see someone wide open under the rim.

Sometimes I shake a defender well enough to get a good look, but I end up not taking the shot because I hesitate and don't want to force up a shot. It's mostly a pet peeve thing. I don't like players that force up shots when other players have better looks so I try not to do it... it really bothers me sometimes because I know I had a good look and second guessed myself.

IT mostly depends on the situation tho. If you are in an iso situation and you get a good opportunity to score, you have to take it. Honestly tho it's all about what the defense gives you. You think guys like Lebron are particularly smart? Probably not any more so that you or I... but he just takes what the D gives him. If you drive by your guy and help comes dish it out... if it doesn't, then look for your shot. If the lane is clogged, pull up for the J, if it's open, take it to the cup. Mostly tho... you have to look up while dribbling and get used to scanning the court at all times. You have to be able to do a few things at one time, which is a challenge for most people, but with practice, it can be easily accomplished. It's like learning how to play the piano... at first it feels wierd cus your fingers won't move the way you want them too and doing two separate things with both hands isn't natural... dribbling, shielding the ball from your defender, and scanning the court isn't natural at first... but it's something you have to do if you want to take it to the next level.
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