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Originally Posted by TheBynumProject
I am getting my information directly from the Rocky Mountain News, not making it up. And its NOT that simple, because when the deal was made in the pre-season the consensus was both Denver and Washington had good teams, so any swapping of picks would have been minimal ie swapping the 18 pick and the 21 pick, or something of that nature.

It is only because Washington was so much worse than expected that the trade looks as lopsided as it does. Obviously the Skins would never have done the deal, knowing what they know now.

Wrong, the deal was MADE with these complicated rules just SO this type of thing wouldnt happen. It was done so barring Wash collasping Denver doesnt get the right to swap picks if they draft high! The only way swapping of first round picks enter into play is if both Denver and Wash have late first rtound picks. Thus Denver has the potential to swap. But since Wash stunk this year they arent given that right. You're flat out WRONG and dont understand the perks behind this damn deal. I'm gonna keep this topic around too. Just so i can laugh at how stubborn, hard headed and retarded you have become.

When teams deal draft picks before the season and it involved first round picks stipulations are forced upon them ontop of other things. You simply dont get first round picks especialluy SWAPPING them so easily. This isnt the NY Knicks and Chicago Bulls kid. Its not that simple and when the trade went down was never made to be that simple. No franchise is stupid enough where you give up the right to swap first round picks for a backup RB named TJ Duckett just becaused you moved Ashley Lelie. Use the common sense GOD gave you. Geeze, only suckers are the Denver fans thinkin they now own Wash first round pick.
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