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Originally Posted by TheBynumProject
No, he definately does not. But, if Wash assumed they would be in the playoffs their logic behind the trade makes alot more sense.

If Wash assumed they would be in the playoffs there would be stipulations! In trade talks they would agree that the right to swap first round picks would only happen if A & B occurs, if neither A or B occurs then the right to swap doesnt happen thus compensation of a later round pick would take into form hence (2nd round, 3rd, round, 4th round and so on). Thats how it works! Its not the stupid Chicago Bulls have the right to swap first round picks unprotected with the NY Knicks! You have it all wrong.

Wash did not offer no such a deal. For Denver to get the 7th pick in the draft so many occurances would have had to happen for that to be done. Its closer to impossible then it is possible. Its closer to unreasonable then it is reasonable.

I call a hung jury. I'll look for any mentions of it when I watch the Broncos/SF game later, as well as check today's paper for any further updates.

There are more articles, more talking about Denver recieving a 3rd round pick in the deal than it is that the Skins lose thier 7th pick and now have to take Denvers pick. The trade would have NEVER got done. You're talkin about a #3 WR, a backup RB apart of a deal where one team gives up the right to swap first round picks without any rules or stipulations. Without barring injury or a disasterous seasons. No crutch and I'm telling you those kind of deals dont exist in the NFL.

Sorry if your mouth was watering at the thought of top prospects up in the draft. But from what i know you get a 3rd round pick and a 4th. Not sure if its in 2007 or 2008. Denver still gets a good deal because LeLie bombed and i dont think he even got a new deal or will. So he could become a free agent. Meanwhile you got rid of him for a 3rd round pick which replaces the 2nd round pick you lost getting Javon Walker. I say Denver made out to obtain a first day pick for a WR who will look for a new home.
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