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Default Re: As teammates, what do you think?

The ideal player to play with is guy who can drive and finish, but kicks it out when the D collapses. It seems like a simple philosophy, but it's amazing how many people either can't do it or don't do it. I'm sitting at the 3 point line wide open going "Yooo!" and they just take a contested shot in the lane (smh). I am very confident in my shot and if you don't give it to me when I'm wide open... I'm pissed

The last time I played a really competitive game of 5 on 5 I had a guy like that on my team. He could get in the lane at will and finish, but whenever I was open he hit me (other teammates as well). I went 4/5 on 3's in 2 games and we won both of them. I'd rotate to the spot I needed to be for him to make an easy pass to me and boom... shit was so effective and it was all because of his penetration (that's what she said) and willingness to pass that rock. A pass first PG is still very nice, but if he isn't really a threat to score, generally you won't get the ball in as good of positions. Still tho... I mean the only thing worse than a ballhog is a chucker... at least ballhogs will take it to the rack and try to get a decent shot lol... but neither are fun to play with.

Bottom line tho, if you are open, you need to shoot. You don't have to every time, but keep the D honest. You make 1 or 2, they are just plain stupid if they don't come and guard you. That will force them to play tighter and then you can drive and dish. Don't force thing that aren't there.

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