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Default Re: As teammates, what do you think?

ideal pg for me is someone that reads the floor well, if there's a mismatch for him then go ahead and score, play good perimeter defense, hit open teammates and call out things that are happening on the court

i feel you on the situation, i'm in the same shoe too. in one of the team that i'm playing with, i'm the first offensive option on the team and they make me play point . i try to distribute as much as i can but sometimes you just gota take over when the team is struggling on the offensive end. Also, when your offense opens up, they'll collapse and try to double you that's when your teammates are gona get some easy buckets. Most of the time we just play good defense and run fast breaks off a turn over or a defensive rebound.

i assume you play organized bball? (pick up 5 on 5s can be a big disaster if you just have a bunch of random folks) if that's the case, try to talk to your coach and your teammates, it helps a lot with a coach guiding the team, also knowing what your teammates are thinking so everyone's on the same page, you'll be surprised how many people have no idea what they are suppose to do on the court.

also you need to shoot that ball if you are open, if you are not even a threat, you are making it harder for your teammates to score since you are not spreading the floor and they have the opportunity to collapse on your teammate or disrupt the passing lane
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