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Originally Posted by GOBB
After reading the initial topic over i was like hold up...this dont sound right. No way Wash does that kind of deal...
You underestimate the stupidity of the Redskins.

-made Adam Arculeta one of, if not THE, highest paid Safeties in football. This was after he told the tema he wanted to go to Chicago cause he felt he fit Chicago's defensive scheme better. Also keep in mind that the signing bonus given to Arculeta was about 3/4 the value of the total contract Ryan Bowen requested who they declined to resign.

-traded a third round pick to get Mark Brunell a month before the Jacksonville Jaguars would have made him a cap casualty

-traded Champ Bailey and a draft pick to get Clinton Portis. Portis is good but he's not that good.

Those are just three of the silly moves they have made since Joe Gibbs came back. There are more than a dozen more.

Looking at their past moves and taking into account their views on the draft don't put it past the Redskins to agree to swapping of first rounders.
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