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Originally Posted by Mathius
Why is that a good point? Are you assuming there's a ton of people who run around that believe in God, but don't believe in the devil?

I don't believe in God. I've never seen one shred of evidence that there is one.

I was raised Lutheran and went to private schools the first 9 grades. I have probably a greater knowledge of the bible than most of the people you'd find on the street. My pastor used to submit my name to all kinds of lutheran colleges because he wanted me to become one.

The church will argue that you have to have "faith".

Why would some God create me without my consent, and then expect me to believe in him without any shred of evidence, or else condemn me to burning hell for the rest of eternity?

That's as bad as people who tell you 'everything happens for a reason'.


To each their own, I won't ridicule you if you do believe in God.

Just don't expect me to.


i'm not religious in the least bit, bro. i'm more agnostic than anything. i've just heard alot of religious people say that they don't believe that there is a devil, but there is a god. i just think that it's kinda crazy to believe in one and not the other, that's all. :)
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