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Default Re: As teammates, what do you think?

Originally Posted by carpevicis
I'm a point guard, and I like to think of myself as a pass-first one. The problem is that I do it way too much, and it can get kind of disadvantageous. Defenses start to sag off and I still don't shoot not because I'm afraid to, but because I think it's my job to keep my teammates happy with lots of shots.

Now, I never thought that I needed to get shots up there. I know I can be a scorer, but I've never needed to have the ball to be happy/effective. What about you guys? Who do you like to play with? What is the ideal point guard for you?
There's a PG like you in my league. It's fine as long as you know how to shoot when someone sags off. Look at Steve Nash, without his shooting skills he would be nothing.
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