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Originally Posted by Kujo
I'm looking forward to watching Pride Shockwave tonight. I'll get to see after all. That's now my News Years plans. Sad, I know.

Checked out some highlights of Cro Cop on Youtube. Damn, those leg kicks are devastating. Unbelievable striker. He's going to run over his UFC opponents.

Werd to that. Shockwave may be the greatest MMA event of all time. It was that good.

Kujo, PM me your aim name and I can send you the best Cro Cop matches. I have them all dled in high quality. You gotta see the Fedor/Cro Cop fight. The two best in the world going at it. It's amazing. And his OWGP win this September over Wandy and Josh Barnett.

You have got to see the greatest Pride matches of recent times before you watch Shockwave.
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