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Default Re: As teammates, what do you think?

Originally Posted by carpevicis
I'm a point guard, and I like to think of myself as a pass-first one. The problem is that I do it way too much, and it can get kind of disadvantageous. Defenses start to sag off and I still don't shoot not because I'm afraid to, but because I think it's my job to keep my teammates happy with lots of shots.

Now, I never thought that I needed to get shots up there. I know I can be a scorer, but I've never needed to have the ball to be happy/effective. What about you guys? Who do you like to play with? What is the ideal point guard for you?

Wow. What a cool PG you are. You are an ideal PG; pass first, awesome. U and I would blend well. I am a post player that likes to pass out to a wing or a cutting teammate. But you are an ideal teammate for streetball because you have 2-3 shooters on your team, always. And with that many people crying for the ball, it makes life easier for your teammates. But you would blend well with our league.
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