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Default Re: Madden 11 team ratings released

Chris Johnson was not used in Madden 10 like he ran in real life. So yes it was abusing the speed factor of the game. If what Dasher said is correct that Madden 11 addressed this problem then obviously I'm not the only one who saw the problem. Trucking ability is irrelevant when it comes to Madden 10 and someone with speed. If you cant catch them, there is no need to truck. And I loved Peterson but he did fumble and get hurt more than he should have in the game. He definately owned teams but there was times he took a hit and was out for a quarter.

Also there were situations with just most RBs where you gang tackle him and he doesnt go down. Then all of a sudden he breaks out of the group and sprints away from you. Its really a unrealistic and bogus play I've benefitted on and been burnt with. I'm sure those who play Madden 10 know what play I'm talkin about. The guy is stopped in his tracks then all of a sudden breaks loose.
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