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Default Re: Madden 11 team ratings released

Originally Posted by KG215
That actually does sound like a lot of fun. Sounds like when me and the only other kid in my neighborhood that collected baseball, basketball, and football cards, would spend hours upon hours trading and putting together multiple dream teams.
yes that is exactly what you do...although they don't have a decent trading system down right now...but people do it through messaging and the forums though

I opened a pack the other day that had 99 ranked 2008 Titans Haynesworth that sells for like 13k on the auction block and got all excited like a little boy...

they also release limited edition "insert cards" every week...the cards are only found in packs for one week and then you can't get them anymore unless someone puts the card up for auction...

I have been trying like crazy to get a hold of a Dez Bryant card, but he just sells for too much...

all the rookies are very rare, if you look at the back of the Suh card that I posted, it is valued at 50k...(that is a shit load)
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