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Default Re: Madden 11 team ratings released

Originally Posted by KG215
I've got a PS3,, how do I download this? Or do I just wait until 2011 comes out?
if you are online there should be an option somewhere in the main menu to download it...

I saw because it was thrown in my face basically on xbox live...I decided to give it a try and have been hooked ever since...

Madden 11 comes out a couple months I think, but it wouldn't hurt to get a good feel of how it works on Madden 10 first I think...

ALSO, for those that have created a decent team in MUT 10, you will supposedly be rewarded with equal value coins for MUT 11, so whatever you create in MUT 10 will still be worth something to you...

^^^ those are the MUT forums...which are busy as hell...but a couple of the stickies at the top should answer questions for you
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